Why is durable flooring more expensive?

Why is durable flooring more expensive?

As you shop for the perfect new floors, you’ll find that products with more durability have a more expensive price point. It’s not surprising because it takes more product to offer extended protection against wear.

The good news is that you get what you pay for when protecting your surfaces. Durability also comes with an excellent lifespan and beautiful results that last for years.

Durability you can expect

With laminate and luxury vinyl, more materials are used to create the necessary layers. In addition, backing, core, wear, and protective coatings are available in thicknesses that can protect against extensive environmental factors.

These new floors show fewer scratches, scuffs, stains, and wear, even when installed in high-traffic areas of your home. But they’re just as easy to clean and care for, especially when professionally installed.

Even more durability

If you choose products like solid wood and all-natural stone, you'll see excellent durability with some of the most extended lifespans. In addition, these products offer a variety of protection against wear, even in busy areas.

With professional installation, these products can easily last more than 100 years. They're also easy to maintain through the years, keeping them in excellent condition.

Our flooring company offers professional installation which safeguards your new surfaces, no matter which type you choose. We’ll give you even more details when you visit us to shop for yourself.

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